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Dubai marina cruise services

Friday, 15-May-2020 Explore

If going on a cruise is not on your bucket list then, you should definitely add it and get ready to have some fun! A cruise is a new experience that you won’t regret in addition to, luxurious services you can also enjoy throughout your trip.


What are the services we provide on our cruise?

We provide a wide array of services to ensure you get the best out of your trip with us, during our cruises you will get the chance to do a lot of sightseeing on board in the Dubai marina sightseeing cruise and explore the beauty of Dubai. Also, a lot of other extra services like birthday party yacht, photography, decorations yacht wedding, and all the entertainment, you can find whatever suits you in our Dubai marina yacht cruise deals!


The celebration services

If you have a special celebration, a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any kind of celebration why not celebrate in a different way? Stepping out of the traditional method is very important to get the best out of the occasion you are celebrating. At our cruises, we provide a celebration service where you can book with us and inform us about your occasion, and we promise to make it unforgettable!


What is the photography service?

What is a good trip without pictures? Taking pictures will allow the memory to stick in your head for a longer time and remind you of the good times! In the cruise ship tour Dubai, we provide professional photographers to capture all your moments while you are enjoying your trip on board and, you will receive the pictures in 48 hours from the event. Isn’t it magical to rewind time by pictures?


Can in request specific decoration for the event?

Yes of course! One of our services is to provide you the proper decoration for your event based on your request and preferences to make it extra special. You will only need to give us prior notice to the kind of decoration you will need, and we will manage to give you the vibe you need.


Yacht wedding

Let’s get to the interesting part. If one of your dreams is to witness your special moment differently then you have made the right choice by choosing it to be a yacht wedding during the cruise ship tour Dubai. This special day has to be celebrated in a special way don’t you agree? You don’t need to worry about anything not even the wedding planner, decoration, food or anything! We have got you covered. We provide a wedding planner to plan your day from scratch even the tiniest details. The décor will be according to your chosen theme too to make this day unforgettable; the food will be from your choice too and will be served during your wedding. It is such a magical way to celebrate your special day featuring the beautiful landscapes of Dubai in the middle of the serene, deep blue sea.


What kind of entertainment can we offer?

If you are a party-lover, we have also got you covered. We can turn your cruise to be your favorite place to party. In our cruise we can provide you any kind of entertainment you would like, a belly dancer, singer, DJ or even instrumental artist. You can party and enjoy your weekend differently featuring the beautiful scenery of Dubai, everything will be customized according to your preference to ensure you get the best out of your time with us on the Dubai cruise. 


How can I book my cruise?

Book with us your special cruise through our website or you can contact us, and we will be pleased to provide you the quality time you are looking for. You can also check out marina sightseeing cruise Dubai prices and book the cruise that suites you featuring our luxurious services.

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