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Banana Boat

banana boat ride Dubai Enjoy the thrill of embarking these powerful machines with the exciting turns and speeds. If you are looking for Water Sports Activities in Dubai? Add Banana Boat Ride Dubai on your Charter for your trip to have more fun. Book this to have the perfect opportunity for exhilarating water-based fun on yacht with your friends and family. the best dubai marina boat ride price with Asfar Yacht.

Banana boat is a fun beach activity to do on an island holiday, especially when it is sunny and warm. You can either do it alone (a fun way to make new friends) or better still, with your family or a group of friends.

You and a few of your friends will climb aboard a large raft resembling—no surprise—a large banana. Then a professional speedboat crew will pull you and your friends through the water for an unforgettable ride. Feel the splash of water and heavy wind blowing towards your face, as the speed boat pulls the banana boat swiftly through the passage of water. Hold on tight and get ready for some bumps, splashes, and lots of laughs.

Fast, weird, and refreshing: With Banana Boat Ride Dubai you cruise the water at 60 kilometers per hour. Regardless of whether you are on vacation with your family, traveling alone in a relaxed way, or taking your friends with you - this airy banana boat has room for up to eight water sports enthusiasts at the same time.

All people can participate in the ride, including children, there is no specific age, banana boat rides are available to everyone. what are you waiting for? Jump into a turbulent water sports adventure!

As you know, Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular places to participate in marine water sports in Dubai. Due to the presence of many tourism places and giant buildings such as the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, you will explore Dubai like you did not know it before.

Vacationers coming with their families and friends looking for an interesting sporting activity should try the banana boat ride. It is an inflatable banana boat connected to a speedboat that pulls it along the water at high speeds. Everyone riding a banana boat should hold on as tightly as possible as the speedboat tries to turn the inflatable boat and thus get its passengers into the water (you'll be really lucky to hold out).

The trip begins by connecting your banana boat to the jet ski by a strong rope and starts to go after making sure that you wear a life jacket and ride properly, and this game does not require help from wind energy, you can jump off the banana boat if you want, but that requires some courage for some, but Experience makes you forget fear sometimes.

Gather family or friends, book a banana boat ride, and enjoy your time with the family. You can document those exciting moments by taking pictures during the trip. You can request this from our specialized team and they will help you with gratitude.


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