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Donut Ride

Water Sports in Dubai Donut ride Dubai is easily one of the most exciting water experiences you will ever have and we bring it to you! Hire Jet SKi and we can guarantee you a donut ride you'll never forget. Many people prefer to ride a donut ride with friends or family and enjoy the waves. While riding a donut ride, adrenaline rushes, excitement and spontaneous laughter start. Even if you do not have any experience in donut ride, it does not require much, first you must sit inside the donut ride and then stick tightly in the designated places to prevent slipping, but do not worry even in the event of slipping, you will be wearing a life jacket and we also have a specialized professional team that will accompany you During your trip You can control the donut completely as it is fully inflatable, which means that it is easy to fill and prepare, and simply blowing air into it with any type of pump will have it ready to use within minutes. Its ability to shrink again once it's emptied means that it won't take up space on board and you'll never have to think about it until you're ready to hop back in there to give it another ride. For children, it is very safe and without any risks, there is no age limit required to jump on a donut which means that it is best for your little ones to try to search for new excitement across the sea while you sit and relax outside. Each competitor is equipped with his own life jacket. Even while you feel like you're racing as fast as possible across the ocean, you'll still have confidence in yourself and your donut knowing you are strapped to your life jacket. You will never have to worry about their safety during your adventure as there will always be a safe way to protect them in the event of an accidental slip or fall of your donut. The donut ride is attached to the jet ski after wearing a life jacket, sitting inside and holding the donut ride tightly to let the jet ski go and start a trip into the world of excitement. We guarantee that you will never forget it.

Donut Ride in Dubai is the most preferred water sports in Dubai who loves thrill, excitement and high speed. This ride is just like Banana Boat Ride in Dubai where you will be sitting on a round Donut shaped boat.

Based on your skills, your professional instructor will adjust the speed of your boat so that you are comfortable on your ride. before taking the action, you will be guided by the specific guidelines and instructions so that you can enjoy your best while visiting the exquisite view of the coastal area. You should not miss this amazing watersport activity in Dubai as this activity is full of fun, thrill, adventure, and excitement.

Strap on your safety jackets and hold on as tight as you can as you get towed away from the shore!While it can seat up to two to four people at a time, it’s vital to make sure that the number of passengers on its either side are same.


Donut ride Make your venue special by taking the advantage of the most preferred activity with family and friends on your luxury yacht. If you are looking for Water Sport activity? Add Donut on your Charter for your trip to have more fun.


Duration: Minimum 30 Minutes (Recommended 1 Hours or more)

Days of operation: 7 days a week

Age constraint: No age limit

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